Since starting at his parent's machine shop over 45 years ago, Bill has gained valuable experience in steel fabrication, equipment design, & manufacturing. After 10 years in the family business and 3 years in the US Army, Bill returned to school to earn his BBA from the University of Mary Harden Baylor and an MBA from the University of Texas in Austin. Jones has started or acquired another half dozen companies over the past 12 years.
Vice President

Clydette Jones is Vice President of BJ3 Industries, Inc. and works with her husband, Bill, in the daily operations of their businesses. Clydette’s experience comes from 25 years in local government as part of the executive management team. She directs and oversees all human resource and risk management functions of the companies. Clydette also focuses much of her time supporting the companies’ sales managers, assisting marketing projects and trade show scheduling and management.
Vice President of Manufacturing

Chad has been with Lely NC since 2003. He began his career with Lely on the shop floor as a welder and has progressed rapidly to his current position as a significant part of the leadership of Lely Tank & Waste Solutions. As Vice President of Manufacturing, Chad will continue to be responsible for ensuring the timely and quality production of all our products and services. He oversees the manufacturing operations in the North Carolina and Texas facilities.

 Email: cdavis@lelytank.com


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